(The pastor of the Unitarian Universalist church I’ve just started going to gave an awesome sermon yesterday. She presented an alternative to the Jewish concept of tikkun olam or “healing/repairing the world” which she called bara l’olam or “creating the world” we want to live in. It moves one away from the idea that there was some ideal past that we have lost and instead frees one to focus on the future. Maybe the Garden of Eden is where we’re headed, not where we came from.)

Embracing our common
Destiny, we can all
Enter lovingly into a
New era of light and life.

2 thoughts on “EDEN

  1. I love this. I identify as Unitarian Universalist, though I do not attend anywhere. I think it is so important to know what kind of world we wish to create and to believe that we can change it.

    I am new to the community and hoping to have a site that engages people on topics of faith and doubt. I hope to see you there: stainedglassdoubts.wordpress.com

    • Thank you for your comment! I’ll definitely have to follow your site. The tension between faith and doubt play a dominant role in my thinking of late too. Sometimes I wonder if the biggest problem with faith is conceptualizing it. It may be best to just live life as truthfully and lovingly as possible.

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