Terra cotta garden fish full of plants

Filled to the gills,
I‘d be an imbecile to
Say you’re for real, but
Happiness can spill from a
Young mind seeing what it will.



How embarrassing. Here I am thinking I’m all cool and inventing a new poetic form with my “acrostic” poetry only to find out. Nope. It’s an established form. 😳

I was even thinking I would need to come up with a different name for it, since I was associating the word “acrostic” with crossword puzzles. 😆

Guess one should check into these things. Nothing new under the sun and all that.

Anyway, at least I can put my mind at ease and just keep calling my poetry what it is. Acrostic poetry.

Only the most
Obtuse take
Pride in saying
Something’s new.