[ First post that’s kind of kinky. I don’t think I will be kinky very often, but sometimes it’s my way. I’m a transwoman. So I’ll never give birth to children. But I realize there are so many ways to be motherly. This poem refers to a non-physical body part I’ve imagined in place of one that I currently don’t have. 😉 Plus, I’ve included an image of the Virgin Mary I found that I like to go along with the concept.]

Image of the Virgin Mary dressed in blue and white with a halo of glory around her third eye

Mother of
All beauty,
Giving birth via
Inception to
New forms of
Art, gracing minds.



Reach inside to find an
Awareness of the beauty
Inherent in everyone and
Never doubt that the same
Beauty resides eternally in
Oneself just as a droplet of
Water can contain the sun.